Marketing Transformed by Projection

Brighten up your storefront with a light-up and eye-catching logo display


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Crisp Lighting

Super Clear Lens: The lens is like a camera's buddy, letting lots of light through. It makes logos super clear and sharp, like magic!


Tough Against Weather: Made from strong metal, the logo projector is tough and won't rust. It stays cool too. The Gobo lamp is like a weather superhero, ready to work outdoors all year.

Versatile Applications

Lots of Uses: The gobo projector is like a jack-of-all-trades! You can change its magic to fit stores, parties, weddings, and more.

Free Logo Customization

Send us any logo or symbol that you want to be projected, and we will create you a custom lens for free!

  • Marissa, Coffee Shop

    "Absolutely delighted with the logo projector! It's a game-changer for our store. The stunning clarity and vibrant projection quality blew us away. Easy setup and versatile for events too. A must-have for any business aiming to stand out. 5 stars!"

  • Harrison, Restaurant

    "Incredible product! Our logo has never looked better thanks to this projector. The high-definition visuals and easy customization exceeded our expectations. It's a versatile solution that adds a unique touch to our events. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch branding. 5 stars all the way!"

  • Emily, Coffee Shop

    "Wow, this projector is a game-changer for our coffee shop! The logo projection adds an inviting ambiance that our customers love. The clear and vibrant image quality is truly impressive. It's the perfect blend of creativity and marketing. A fantastic addition to our cozy corner. 5 stars!"

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